Portfolio-Entry #4 Spanish

Spanish presentation

For the project we needed 7 slides an intro slide 5 Spanish countries Christmas traditions and 1 slide about my traditions. We needed at least three traditions from each country and include a related picture. The presentation was for Spanish class. We had three class periods to do the project. We work in groups of threes we were able to pick our partners. I worked with Ryan and Will.

I learned all about Spanish countries Christmas traditions. The countries we learned about were Spain, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico and Argentina. I liked everything about the project but wished we had one more class period. If we had more time we could of found more information and made sure it was correct. I think the project turned out alright but we could of included more information. If we did it again we would all work on different countries.




Portfolio-Entry #3 History

Chapter 11 Islam Project

The project had to contain information on 27 different topics. The information was based of the classwork from the whole first term. The purpose was to make a study guide for the benchmark test and to show the teacher what we learned. The project we did was in history class. The length of the project was a week we had class time to work on it and could work on it at home if needed. We worked individually on this project. We wrote down information from the book and brainstormed ideas in the first class. Then the next four class we were able to start  and work on the presentation.

I learned all about the history and culture of Islam. I learned about the leadership of the Islam empire, Muhammad’s life, the people of Islam, the Muslim golden age and Muslim’s traditions.I liked everything about the presentation besides working alone. I think I could of put a little more information on some slides but everything else was pretty good. I should have wrote a few more facts from the book before starting. I wish we could of worked in partners or groups.






Portfolio- Entry #2 Spanish

Spanish Mis Planes de Viaje:

The project was to make a presentation on 7 countries. For each country we made 2 slides a slide with the flag and the other one with things we would eat, do or visit in the country. This project we worked on was only in Spanish class and we had 3 class periods to work on it.This project we worked individually.  We got all the information from the classes before when we worked in groups and made a presentation on one country. We got information from other groups presenting and us taking notes. We needed crome books and notes from the classes before. The purpose of the project was to learn about other countries and to practice our Spanish.

I learned about other countries and what I would do if I visited them.I liked how much time we had to work on them. I didn’t dislike anything about the project it was a fun project.I did good on everything but saying something is Guatemalan or something is Chilean in Spanish. I don’t think I would do anything differently I think I did it pretty good on it. I think the project could have a little more information on each country to practice our Spanish more. I learned out of all 7 countries i Would like to visit El Salvador.




Portfolio-Entry #1 History

History Presentation:

The General information for the project was that we needed 12 slides, 11 information slides and one title slide. The 11 information slides were based on the 11 topics in the book. The purpose of the project was to make a good tool for studying. The presentation we had to do was in History. The length of the project was one class period. We were with a partner and the groups were chosen at the beginning of the school year when we picked 4 different partners and wrote them down for a continent. Then our teacher chose our North America partner so my partner was Jake. We made two column notes for the chapter and put them into the presentation.

I learned all about the Muslim golden age. I learned about the cultural advances in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, art and literature.I liked everything but the time we had for the project because we were unable to put a picture on all  the slides and recheck to see if there was spelling mistakes and anything we needed to add. I think we did a lot well besides having 3 slides without a picture.If I were to do the project again I would have us each work on seperate slides at a time. I think we should be given alittle more time to work on it.