Intro to HTML/CSS

On Khan academy we learned about HTML. HTML is one of the three languages a website is written in and it’s purpose is to mark up the website content. Basic HTML is every website has a head, body, html, and doctype tag. All ending tags must have a / inside the <> before the words. A basic HTML is <p> for paragraph, the tag <em> for emphasis, <strong for bold, and <break> for a break in the line. Another HTML is <h> for heading but there is 3 types of headings. The tag <h1> is the biggest heading, <h2> is the second biggest heading, and <h3> is the smallest heading.

My HTML Project

On Khan academy we also learned CSS. CSS is also one of the three languages a website is written in and it’s purpose is to style the website. To style you create a <style> tag to tag to the top and then use a { and put the words color or background color. To style a certain paragraph you give it an id with the <id>. Later to represent it at the top you use the # then the id name. To style a group of paragraphs you use the <class>. Later to represent it at the top you use a period then the class name. In the name it can’t have any spaces and has to be spelled the same with the same caps or it will not work.

My CSS Project

Key Events in Computer History

The assignment:

My assignment was on the Manchester Baby and my partner was Landon. The Manchester Baby was created by Fredrick C. Williams, Tom Kilburn, and Geoff Tootil. The Manchester Baby was the first machine to contain all the elements essential to a computer. It took 2 years to build the Manchester Baby. It started in July 1946 to June 1948.The computer consisted of 17 instructions and took 52 minutes to get the correct answer. I enjoyed this project especially getting to work with a partner.

In this assignment we wrote about computer history. I will talk about three big parts of computer history Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Pixar:

  1. Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. Steve Jobs is the creator of Apple. He created the MacBook Air, iPod, and iPhone. Steve Jobs then died in 2011 after battling cancer for 12 years.
  2. Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1995. Bill Gates was the creator of Microsoft. Bill Gates makes $114.16 each second.
  3. Pixar is an American computer animation film studio. Pixar was the first computer animated film to receive an Academy Award®.

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Assignment 8-Google Form

For my first question it was what sports do you like, 42.9% like soccer, tennis and hockey. 28.6% chose baseball, 71.4% chose other and volleyball, and 57.1% chose badminton. My second question was what is your favorite color 14.3% for orange, purple and other. 57.1% chose blue for this question. My third question was what is your favorite holiday and why. 6 people chose Christmas and one person chose Thanksgiving. For my fourth question was what candies do you like and for my sixth question what time are you taking this survey I got all different answers. For my fifth question I made a scale one to ten how much do you like video games 3 people said 10 and one person for each1,5, 8 and 9. I used long answer, short answer, time, check list, linear scale and multiple choice time questions.

My survey


Assignment 7- Citation Review

Citation Review:

Citations are used to give the original author credit for his or her work. In this assignment  we created 7 citations using easy-bib. We created citations for images and websites. The main purpose of this assignment was to review how to give credit to the authors. We used the MLA8 format. Always use citations for when credit is needed.


Assignment 6- Dream room Spreadsheet

My Room:

In this assignment we had to make a room with all things we wanted. We were able to shop from Target and IKEA, I chose Target to shop on. We had $5,000 to spend. I bought 21 items in total. I ended up using $4,966.62 and had $.38 left over. I made a gaming room and I bought stuff like a PlayStation 4, gaming chair, PlayStation remote and video games. I like this assignment because it let us know how much stuff cost  that we like. It was a fun assignment using the formulas.


Link two my room

Assignment 4- The Debate

School Uniforms Pros/Cons/Opinions 


There are many pros of having to wear school uniforms. School uniforms make it easier for students to get ready in the morning by not having to pick out an outfit. Money is saved if students have school uniforms. Peer pressure and bullying is decreased when having to wear school uniforms. School uniforms increase sense of belonging. Improves attendance, discipline and respect for others. These are all pros of having school uniforms.


There are many cons of having to wear school uniforms. Violates student’s freedom of expression. Focusing on uniforms distract students from their learning. Students oppose school uniforms themselves. School uniforms promote conformity over individuality. School uniforms does’t stop bullying and might provoke violent attacks. These are all cons of having school uniforms.


I feel that schools uniforms shouldn’t be used. I think that students should be allowed to show individuality. I feel kids should be able to decide what they want to wear. Kids themselves don’t like them so why make them wear them. Students from other schools might bully them for having to wear school uniforms. Uniforms prevent people from being able to show school spirit by having to wear certain things.This is why I think school uniforms shouldn’t be used.

Work Cited:


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Assignment #3-Digital Footprint

This assignment was about digital footprint. I learned that anything you post is still find able even if deleted. This means that you should take a minute before posting to think does this video make you or others look bad. Think would your mom be happy to see it if not then you shouldn’t post it. Some consequences could be the loss of your job or it could make it hard for you to find a job in the future. Things you post can follow you everywhere.



My favorite was Landon’s safe blogging blog. I liked his because his video was funny and contained great information. He followed the directions and commented on other blogs.It looks like he put a lot of effort into it. Nate’s and Jarrod’s blog were great too but Landon’s was my favorite.

My Avatar


My name is Colby and this is my avatar. I have black hair and blue eyes. I like to wear black shoes and dark blue jeans that is why I chose these pants and shoes. I often wear sweatshirts so I chose these. I like playing games with my family. One game I like to play is pool so I put a pool table in the background. I like to eat desserts like ice cream that is why i put an ice cream in my hand.

Assignment 2-Blogging Safetly

Being safe when blogging is very important. When you are blogging it is important you don’t put anything untrue. Don’t put something that will hurt others. Cite where you got your work. Ask your teacher or instructor when you are lost or confused about anything.

  1. Do not steal other peoples work
  2. Only write about what you know don’t put stuff you don’t
  3. If you use someone elses work give them credit for their work
  4. Look out for spelling and punctuation mistakes
  5. Be kind and respectful to others when you post
  6. Protect your Identity
  7. Do not get obsessed with checking your status and comments that often



  1. Matt’s Blog
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